The problem with being a Christian…

…is that it’s easy to think that God owes you something. And that life should be perfect and that we’re entitled to whatever makes us happy. But, whatever God gives us is a gift. We should be so thankful for whatever that may be. And living a life that Jesus commands means that we put ourselves last, not first.

Life can be so backwards sometimes…

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3 Responses to “The problem with being a Christian…”

  1. Cher

    yep. We either feel entitled or we swing to the opposite pole: I am worse than dirt so I’ll just grovel. When will I ever find the balance, which is something like; Wow! Look at the beautiful world God has created just for me to enjoy; I must be worthwhile if Somebody loves me this much!
    (I am ashamed to say I am usually in a pout because I am thinking, “If God loves me, why can’t I succeed at this or that.”)

  2. Elaine

    Sorry you’re having a rough time.

  3. Jeannette

    Yeah. Hmm . . . birthdays sometimes have that affect on me . . . feeling like God owes me. Hmm . . . He owes us nothing, but His love creates in Him a desire – a necessity, if you will – to give us the deepest desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4). Thankfulness – recogizing that it is a gift, not a right, that is a wonderful place.

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