Friday I spent the morning at the dentist’s office. I need a crown for a cracked tooth, so the dentist prepared the tooth for the crown and fitted me with a temporary crown until the permanent one could be made. While he was doing all the work, he got really close to the nerve and determined that I would probably need to have a root canal as well. Because, you know, my teeth love me. So I’ve spent the weekend hopped up on drugs.

Today was especially bad, so far I’ve tried darvocet, vicodin and percodan and nothing is killing the pain. I’m not quite sure what to do as the dentist is going out of town for Christmas. I hate this.

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  1. Sarah

    You poor thing! What a miserable way to spend Christmas.

    You know, I took percodan (or was it percocet?) for my c-section. I’d think that should be working for you! Maybe you just need to take it with a bottle of wine? Just kidding!

  2. beautiful mess

    have you tried ibuprofen in addition to the heavier pain killers? i work in a dentist’s office & our doc always prescribe a combo of ibuprofen & vicodin. supposedly, the ibuprofen will take away a lot of the swelling & throbbing. he also usually prescribes an antibiotic to help kill the infection. don’t know if this will help, but i hope you get to feeling better. tooth pain is the worst.

  3. Cher

    I myself own four crowns – one complete with root canal – I am sorry, I cannot think of anything more miserable!
    Persevere! The sun will come up – someday.

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