Year in review 2007

• I started to come out of the fog of depression. Having hope again was something so amazing.
• One of my very favorite customers died of cancer way too early.
• I worked hard, hard, hard on the Tangle online store and it launched!
• More snow than usual here in the desert found us sledding!

• Eden got her first haircut.
• I wrote a new pattern in honor of Nancy, my friend who passed away.
• Eden turned 5 years old.
• Honor continued to be naughty.

• Eden started playing soccer.
• I jumped on the “green” bandwagon and started rethinking a lot of things I do with my life. I also crocheted up a large stack of reusable grocery bags.
• I changed the dining room walls from red to green.
• We spent lots of time outside enjoying the spring weather.

• Jim turned 32.
• We found a perfectly windy day and flew kites.
• I experienced my first ever hangover.
• Eden was accepted to her school. We were very lucky.
• Jim had his hair cut into a mullet just to annoy me.
• We took a quick jump over the mountains to do some shopping in Denver. The kids had their first Casa Bonita experience.
• Jim and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Rota virus.

• Honor learned that boys don’t cry about shorts.
• I woke up to a cockroach in my bed.
• I experienced some sort of non-religious epiphany. I’m still not totally sure what to do with it.
• The weather started heating up therefore slowing down at Tangle. I decided to cut back on the hours so I could enjoy time with the kiddos.
• Some of my buddies and I officially instituted “girls night”. Lots of drinking ensued.

• I was having a few moments of doing good at the gym.
• Jim started competing in the local battle of the bands competition. They won several rounds before being unfairly voted out.
• We took a trip over the mountains to visit Jim’s sister.
• I invented the “girlfriend” – a tasty drink.
• I experienced my first (and second) trip to Whole Foods.
• At said trip, we encountered a psycho lady who accused us of scratching her car. There was no possibility we could have.

• Honor discovered that his dad is far from compassionate and decided to tell me every time Eden hit him.
• We spent lots of time swimming at the lake.
• We enjoyed a really fun 4th with all of our friends. Jim played the national anthem Jimi Hendrix style in front of the whole city.
• My friend Sarah had her third baby the same day that our friends Seth and Carrie tied the knot.
• The wedding was very hot, but went off perfectly because I was organizing it. :)
• My friend Brooke and I took a real quick trip over the mountains again to visit Jim’s sister. We also took the opportunity to shop at some decent malls.
• Christina and I decided to become business partners.

• Tangle turned 1 years old.
• Honor learned the trick to being good at the store – snacks!
• I remodeled our bedroom. Jim was not happy with my spontaneous choice to destroy the house.
• Eden started Kindergarten.
• We finally got to go camping!

• Honor gave me a huge run for my money as we all settled back into work and school schedules.
• I turned 26.
• Honor turned 4.
• My perspective changed a bit and I realized more and more just how great I have it in my marriage.
• Jim’s dog, Daisy, died.
• I had a seriously hard time with the infidelity of some of my old church members.

• Jim’s company planned and ran a benefit ball for a local non-profit organization.
• SO much yarn poured into Tangle. The biz was doing really great!
• Jim and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.
• We started getting milk delivered in glass bottles.
• My niece stayed with us for a few days while our new nephew was born.
• I knit some seriously cute sweaters.

• We took a trip over the mountains to move Jim’s sister and niece here to live at our house for awhile.
• Lots and lots of rearranging of the house ensued.
• Christina and I taught a 20 person knitting class at a local church.
• All the stress of life, kids and running a store caught up with me and I suffered two weeks of migraines.
• I discovered the deed to our house crumpled up in Honor’s piggy bank.

• We struggled (and made it out the other side!) through some serious family problems.
• I nearly had a nervous break down coming to terms with how we should balance our lack of Christmas celebration with my families abundance of Christmas celebration.
• We had two very successful Sunday knit days at Tangle. We need to do more.
• My tooth started hurting, first needing a crown then an emergency root canal. I took some serious pain meds to no avail.
• We spent Christmas eve with my dad, going to the movies and eating at the restaurant where my sister works.
• The kids and I went to have Christmas dinner at my moms. I was really sick from the antibiotics the dentist gave me.
• I was very, very happy to see 2007 go.

The end!

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5 Responses to “Year in review 2007”

  1. Allisone

    2008 holds great possibilities!

    Isn’t it great the way a blog puts your year into perspective.

  2. sarahgrace

    Did all that really happen in the last year? Good grief, it was quick!
    I need to do a re-cap too… good idea…

  3. Wendy

    Amen, 2007 was not the best year.

  4. Alex

    Yea to the end of 07 not the greatest for most people i know. Heres to a great 08!

  5. Carrington Schaeffer

    i hope that everything in 2008 goes sooo well for you.

    and i really want to play that game again…but with 90s music!

    p.s.: i kinda miss you a lot still. and i am so glad that we became friends in 2007.

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