all those hours doing math paid off

So I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have two knitting patterns that are being published in the new book, Pure Knits. Today I got to spend the money I earned from those patterns. This is what I bought myself:

My first tattoo!

It’s simple and it’s red and I really like it. And I’m happy that I started simple so I can expand on the design as time goes by.

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10 Responses to “all those hours doing math paid off”

  1. Carrington Schaeffer

    yay! this totally makes me want to get one now.

    (cuz i feel left out of the cool tat group.)

  2. Amanda Cowell

    That is beautiful! I really like it. Did it hurt too badly?

  3. erin

    You did it! Lovely!

  4. Cher

    Published! Congratulations!

  5. Daph

    That’s beautiful! I love that it’s red. :) And congrats on getting your patterns published — that ROCKS!

  6. Isaac

    Congrats on the tatt. Do you think Jim will start inkin’ himself up now? By the way – this shows you now screwed up my mind is, but when I first saw the title of this blog in the RSS reader I could have sworn it said “all those hours doing meth paid off” I was thinking WOW, you control the tweak very well. ;)

  7. alex

    for some reason your pictures never load for me, and I am so sad because I really want to see!!!

  8. sarahgrace

    You did it! Woo! I can’t wait to ask you a million questions all about it! ;)

  9. Brooke

    I LOVE it! I couldn’t tell what color it was in the pic you sent me earlier. I love the red!

  10. Rebecca Beagle


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