the point of life

how can I recycle this? – a great blog with tons of ideas for recycling those less-than-usual items.

Also, recycled fencing bags – LOVE them!

And I think I want to start using shampoo bar soap rather than chemicals out of a bottle. Something like this, extra points if I figure out how to make it. (Oh, and I’m going to try.)

But on a more serious note about environmentalism and sustainability, I think I’ve stumbled into something that is just on the verge of giving me an ah-ha! moment. Something that speaks to all parts of who I am and something that is written by someone who, although not a believer, acts and thinks like the Christ that so many of us claim to follow. There are so many parts of what Colin Beavan writes that stuck out to me, but this paragraph says so much:

The point of asking such questions on a personal level–or I should say one of the points–is not to come up with an answer so much as to shake my confidence in the false answers–like that my life is for getting more. Maybe since, as they say, you can’t take it with you, my life is about giving more–which naturally leads to a sustainable lifestyle.

Rather than butcher his words, I will let you read them yourself.

I’m just thinking about how much of my life is inwardly focused, how much of my energy is put into wanting something more, rather than being content with what I have, and how much of our culture is geared to having bigger and better and more and more. Can that really be the point of life? I don’t believe that it is, but are my actions following my beliefs? Dear reader, are your actions following your beliefs?

I have much to think about.

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3 Responses to “the point of life”

  1. Nichole D.

    Have you heard about the “no ‘poo” thing, with baking soda and diluted vinegar for washing your hair? I’m planning on trying it soon- people really love it!

  2. Amy H.

    I am on the exact same page as you. I am struggling with trying to make my family more green. I know it has to be done, but I am certainly not doing as much as I could. I think mostly because I have three kids and to be more green would be to sacrifice some of the conveniences that make life easier. Its hard to take the longview sometimes.

  3. Rachel

    There is a great website www, she has been experimenting with different ways to cleanse her hair as well as making earth friendly bath products.

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