I’ve been thinking lately about the packaging that we use. Something like 25% of all garbage is made from packaging. I was eating organic Barbaras cereal today and wondered why they need to package a plastic bag full of cereal inside a paperboard box (paperboard that our late-blooming town won’t recycle). Why not sell cereal in just a plastic bag? Taking that line of reasoning further, maybe I should just start making my own cereal again. I can buy everything in bulk and use these reusable bags to bring it all home.

I’m wanting to cut out my ziploc use too. I’m thinking of ways, and suggestions to eliminate this plastic consumption. What’s your favorite reusable container? I’m also thinking I need to get my hands on some oil cloth so I can make these for sandwiches. Surely my meager sewing skills can handle this. (Don’t you think that Amy Butler fabric on the outside would be so cute?!) And I spent the last of my google money (thank you dear readers for clicking my ads!!!) on this lunch container.

There is just so much to think about! But I’m going to keep taking small steps, think of ways to save money and make a smaller footprint and realize that not everything has to be instant, super convenient and easy. Sometimes it’s the harder things that are more worthwhile. I still can’t help but get a little happy with I dump my laundry soap into the wash and think that I made it all myself!

Edit: Here are some great stainless steel containers too!

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  1. Lori

    Too funny – I just posted a blog about some similar stuff, mainly the fact that we can’t recycle everything that we should be able to.

  2. Edith

    Oh my..those stainless steel containers are beautiful. I think they’re a bit pricer on the one side, but I’m sure they would outlast any tupperware. There are some sellers on Etsy that sell lunch kits with those stainless steel containers and I always wondered where they got them. Thanks..and I love the Amy Butler sandwich pack idea..please post pics if you decide on making them.

  3. Rachel

    Did you read about the community in England that made a commitment to be completely plastic-bag free? It was very interesting. The butcher found a way to wrap sausages without plastic. I wish I could remember what he used but everyone was coming out with ingenious ideas for conservation. Good luck on fewer footprints! I do love the amy butler cloth idea for your sandwiches.

  4. Heidi

    Happy Mothers Day A~

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