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Happy Everything! 2016

December 4th, 2016 — 7:49pm

Happy Everything! 2016 #tradition

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Happy holidays, 2015 version.

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Happy holidays, ya'll!

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a few snaps from Christmas 2014

January 13th, 2015 — 2:07pm

Singing a duet for her choir concert. #proud
Eden singing at her Holiday Choir Concert


Christmas and Coffee and Snow. #winteristhesecondbestseason

THE Christmas party. And the only photos I take are of the bar... #makeyourown #letteredrecipes
The bar from our Christmas Party.

THE Christmas party

THE Christmas party 2014

The children are freaking out with anticipation. Taunting them with presents under the tree is the best part of Christmas. #parentingskillz


Merry Christmas. #allthebestthings

All he wanted for Christmas. #really #ocarina #eyeballhat

This never stops being mesmerizing. #christmaseveactivities

First time seeing snow out these windows. #perfect

Handmade gifties for my workout buddies.

Christmas decor

Baby tree

The tangle holiday windows are coming along...almost there. #handpainted #handmadeholidays

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