Media frenzy

So Main Street, where Tangle is located, is under construction right now. The water and sewer pipes were old and just needed replacing. Marketing a business when the road leading to it is under construction is a challenge, but Tangle and our neighbors seem to be holding their own. In fact, Tangle is doing significantly better than we did this time last year.

Our local newspaper published a front page article about a business that is closing on Main Street and blaming it all on the construction. Not only is the owner blaming the construction, but she was making it sound like all of Main Street was going under only no one was talking about it.

That made me mad. It made lots of my neighbors mad too. So I sent an email to the editor of our paper and while I was at it, I copied it to all the other media in town. Little did I know it would start this media frenzy.

I ended up having my letter published in both local newspapers and had interviews on all three tv stations. The newspaper that ran the original article also ran a follow-up article that painted a more fair picture of how Main Street is actually doing.

I was so shocked that it was that easy to get the attention of the local media! But I’m so glad I sent the email. It was good for Tangle to get the extra exposure, but more than anything I just wanted to make sure Main Street was represented fairly.

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  1. Jackie

    Way to set the story straight, girl!!!

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