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A rocky start to a better week

August 23rd, 2005 — 9:15am

*Remember, we’re still pretending that posting about Honor’s messes isn’t getting old.*

Yesterday after reading Looloo’s post I remembered that Honor had spilled clear nail polish on the bedroom carpet this weekend. This was entirely my fault, even though he knows he’s not supposed to be in there, because I left the polish on my night stand.

But very shortly after reading Loo’s post, just has I was getting my long awaited return phone call from Avon so I could chew them out for over charging me, I found that Honor, somehow, figured out how to get into the hall closet where my 500 bottles of fingernail polish are stored. I found a large puddle of metallic pink polish on the hallway carpet and this:

I didn’t bother to try to clean up the carpet, it needs to be ripped out anyway. And I worried that it wouldn’t be good to use fingernail polish remover so close to Honor’s eyes, so as much as I scrubbed in the bath tub, he still has a metallic pink nose. Serves him right I say.

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run for your lives… or just hide your stuff

August 5th, 2005 — 9:16am

Yesterday, just after she made this comment:

“Yesterday after reading this post I walked into my livingroom and saw one of my kids had also gotten out our letter stamp. I immedietaly thought of Honor and grabbed it and ran to find a spot they couldn’t find it again. I knew if I would have come back for it later, we would have had a repeat of your situation.”

my friend Jill sent me this picture.

Then just after that Honor came to me holding the damn stamp, ink cartridge removed, hands blue. AGAIN. He somehow, without the aid of a chair, got the cartridge off the counter. Trust me, this boy is not that tall.

BEWARE! there is something in the air… you are not safe!!! Hide your stamps and for good measure everything else that has ink.

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at some point posting about all of Honor’s messes is going to get old, let’s pretend we haven’t reached that point

August 3rd, 2005 — 9:17am

So yesterday, while I was chatting with Joelene, Honor found our address stamp and got the ink cartridge out. He had ink everywhere, including the playroom carpet. This is after a good scrubbing.

His hands (and the carpet) are still blue. His lips, not so much. As always, he’s so proud of his destruction.

Today I’m following him around and not letting him out of my sight. I’m taking a risk right now because I can’t see the couch where he’s watching Dora. I’d better go…

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It could always be worse right?

July 29th, 2005 — 7:46am
“What if Honor was twins?”

“Oh, good Lord… if Honor was twins it would have been a sign of the coming apocalypse.”

This is what I found yesterday in the kitchen. Just a small taste of Honor’s recent behavior. I’m grasping at straws here to try to figure out what to do with the kid. I think he just gets bored and then wanders around the house. He finds something and thinks, “this looks fun” and then pours/smears it all over the place.

I’m trying to figure out how to keep the kid interested in his toys. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with a kid like Honor, I’ll listen. I was trying to pick Jim’s brain last night because his is the closest brain I know to Honor’s brain. He finally said, “sweetie, I’m sorry… you’re just screwed.” Thanks babe. Thanks.

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The walls of the crib are going back up

July 21st, 2005 — 7:45am

I really don’t know what to say, I’m still so steaming mad about it. I’ll just say this. I was TRYING to work on a website during nap time when Honor stealthily went into my bedroom where Eden was napping. He got into my black eye shadow and ruined my very cute sheets. Eden watched the whole time and didn’t tell me until the damage had been done. Honor was very happy with himself, as you can see. Lucky for him I knew I HAD to take pictures, you all would never forgive me if I didn’t.

No go ahead… laugh at my expense.

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Would you like some pancakes with that syrup?

June 23rd, 2005 — 9:31am

Today when I was coming up from the basement after doing a load of laundry, I found Eden on the back porch daintily eating almonds. Honor was standing next to her drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle.

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I knew we couldn’t make it a week…

April 15th, 2005 — 1:28pm

…without another Honor related medical incident. Look at his poor eye!

He was playing outside and got something in it. Jim was on duty, so that’s all the details I have. We rinsed it out and gave him some benadryl. The nurse at the doctors office said that all we can do now is just wait for it to go down. Poor kiddo.

Totally unrelated, he came to us the other day like this.

(it’s strawberry applesauce) Being the responsible house keeper that I am, I took a picture rather than save my carpet from strawberry doom.

I know you are all SO shocked that he could make a mess.

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Always check your shoes

April 1st, 2005 — 8:32am

Ok, Ok. Jim found a slimey, brown, peeled ……. BANANA.

(those of you who guessed poop, you were at least right in appearance)

Guess what Jim found in his shoe today while getting ready for work? You’ll never guess… but I’ll tell you, Honor did it.

So guess, guess!

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Tea leaves

March 30th, 2005 — 11:26am

Honor has been up to his usual stinker self. His latest thing is to open up a box of tea bags and rip them open. He can find the biggest possible mess in ANYTHING. I made the mistake of leaving my empty tea cup by my bed and he managed to find it. He ripped open the wet tea bag and smeared it EVERYWHERE. What is it with this kid smearing things all over my bed? Until this stinker came along, I was sure I wanted to have 3 or 4 kids, now I’m wondering if I would survive four kids?

On the up side, he hasn’t had any more signs of asthma. He will go in for a follow up check up next week and we’ll see where the doctor wants to go from there.

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Butter Covered Spud

February 24th, 2005 — 8:54pm

So, the kids got me sick. Darn it. Honor is so….himself. He took the opportunity of me lying in bed today to “explore” the house. At one point he came to me covered in butter, carrying the turkey baster. Eden, on the other hand has been so sweet. She went and got me jammys and a diaper for Honor and she also brought me a bottle and the carton of soy milk, so I could fill it up for him. I can’t believe how big she’s getting. And luckily, I’m starting to feel better.

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