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February 6th, 2018 — 12:24pm

I’ve found that there are times in life that we let life happen to us and there are times that we make our lives happen. Lately, I’ve been choosing to make my life happen.

Here’s to knowing that when you can’t see the forest for the trees, once you’ve made your way through, all those trees make so much sense. And it suddenly becomes very clear that the path you’ve blazed was exactly the path that you needed.

We’re on to the next adventure here at the Blevins/Hudnall household. I’m leaving my Downtown job at the end of this month and I get to go work with Josh and a fantastic team at the startup that he co-founded. We are so excited to get to work together to accomplish huge goals and so very thankful and ready for what’s to come!

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July 14th, 2014 — 8:09am

In a couple of weeks, my new little family is embarking on a new adventure. We’re going to be packing up our little house and moving a few blocks down the road to Main Street (just up the road from Tangle). I’m equal parts sad and happy. We’ve lived in this house for 13 years. This is where I brought my babies home from the hospital. And I’m not quite ready for this next step in life. Needing to move is (hopefully) one of the last consequences of my divorce that I’m going to have to pay. Also, I have 13 years of stuff in this house to pack.

I’m excited because I think it will be good for Josh and I to start our marriage in a new place, one that’s equally both of ours. We will also be gaining an extra bedroom, a family room and a second bathroom… I’m not quite sure how to even process what it means to have two bathrooms… so amazing. It’ll be really fun to set up a new house, making the things we have seem new again in new spaces, setting up wedding gifts that are still in boxes because it seemed silly to unpack them only to pack them again.

I think it’ll take months for me to fully process all the changes that have/will happen this summer. We’re married. I don’t work for the clinic anymore (budget cuts). And soon we will move. It’s a lot of changes for all of us and I think that Josh described it right in saying it feels a little fragile.

I’ve been living years of instability, feeling like I can’t quite get solid footing. Not always knowing how I would pay my bills and before that not ever knowing if my husband would leave me or not. It’s been a long, stretched-out haul but I’m glad to see the next season beginning. My word for this next season of my life is STABILITY. Josh and I are both committed to making our new life as stable as possible. I think we’re both excited to settle into a new house and a new life and just coast for awhile with no weddings to plan, no houses to move.

I’m learning what I’m always learning: trust. I’m learning to fight through the fear and just rest in the fact that God has always taken care of me. I’m remembering that I don’t have to know what the future looks like to have peace and that even if things look differently than I’ve expected, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be good. I’m saying goodbye to one life so I can start another one and I’m letting myself mourn but not get too caught up in the sorrow of it. I’m looking ahead and choosing to fill myself with hope and excitement for what’s next. I’m not totally sure what that will look like, but I’m choosing to believe that it will be good, because I know that God always gives me what’s good.

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July 20th, 2013 — 6:08pm

I ran the clinic today. I got to watch 18 volunteers pour themselves into 30 patients who gratefully took their much-needed help. That got to happen because I get to do my job facilitating the clinic. The system is so broken and I get to be a tiny part of the answer. So thankful.

Josh has been out of town on a business trip and is traveling home today. I’ve had some extra time to think about him and our relationship. Everything with him is just so perfectly uncomplicated. If ever I thought God knew what he was doing, it’s when I look at the people he put in my life. So thankful.

I went to my family reunion last weekend. I was laying in bed in my grandma’s basement, my face buried in the pillows, headphones in to block out the sound of the early-rising twinzies and God started talking to me. Ironically I skipped church so he could keep talking to me. He talked to me about being brave and being rescued. He reminded me that HE is the one who is rescuing me, not Josh or anyone else. That feels like such a relief. I got to talk to my uncle about being myself when being myself isn’t always allowed. It was exactly what I needed. I continue to realize: I’m being taken care of… I’m getting exactly what I need. So thankful.

This summer has been so perfect. The ocean and Disneyland, rafting, camping, hours in the car, friends and beers around the makeshift campfire (a citronella torch set inside the firepit). Tomatoes right off the vine, Olathe sweet corn and every meal simple and grilled. Dirty feet, tan lines, popsicles and noses pink from the sun. So thankful.

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