meet Dexter

Friday the kids and I spent 8 hours in the truck traveling to Craig, Colorado and back. There we picked up our new puppy, a miniature dachshund. The ride home proved to be a little bit interesting – lets just say that it involved dog puke, kid bathroom emergencies (#1 & #2) and a lot of mud. It was quite the “mommy moment” for sure.

But we made it home and Dexter is adjusting pretty well to living us. He is kind of a scardy-cat – I find myself calling him a Weenie quite often. But he is pretty mellow and very sweet and we love him! Today, while the kids are at school, he ventured into their room for the first time unattended and discovered a plethora of really fun stuffed animals. I see several baby gates in our future.

Here he is, all four pounds of squishy, whiney puppyness.


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  1. Halee Thompson

    I just had a friend who bought a little mini dachshund a few months ago, so cute!

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