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January 26th, 2022 — 4:22pm

On Monday we let go of Dexter, our little dachshund. He had several health issues and was rapidly declining. Josh dug the grave for him in our side yard, near the garden. Because of Covid, our vet’s office was only allowing one of us in at a time so Josh and I waited in the car while Honor went in with him. The vet wrapped him in his favorite blanket—a knitted one that I purchased long ago at Target and was my inspiration for learning to knit. When we got home we placed his wrapped body in the grave and had a zoom funeral with Eden, each of us saying kind and funny words about him. Honor wanted to be the one to bury him. When the weather warms up we will plant carrots on top of his grave. They were his favorite vegetable.


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weenie dog races

October 26th, 2012 — 4:01pm

This was the first Octoberfest that I actually had off so the kids and I took Dexter downtown for the Weenie Dog Races. He failed terribly, more interested in sniffing the other dogs than in running, but we all had a good time and it was fun to see how many dachshunds there are in town.

Right before he lost the wiener dog races

Weenie walk

Weenie dog races

Weenie dog races

Weenie dog "races"

Weenie dog "races"

Weenie dog "races"

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meet Dexter

November 23rd, 2009 — 10:22am

Friday the kids and I spent 8 hours in the truck traveling to Craig, Colorado and back. There we picked up our new puppy, a miniature dachshund. The ride home proved to be a little bit interesting – lets just say that it involved dog puke, kid bathroom emergencies (#1 & #2) and a lot of mud. It was quite the “mommy moment” for sure.

But we made it home and Dexter is adjusting pretty well to living us. He is kind of a scardy-cat – I find myself calling him a Weenie quite often. But he is pretty mellow and very sweet and we love him! Today, while the kids are at school, he ventured into their room for the first time unattended and discovered a plethora of really fun stuffed animals. I see several baby gates in our future.

Here he is, all four pounds of squishy, whiney puppyness.


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so long wiggly friend

July 17th, 2008 — 7:35pm


Yesterday an nice, soccer playing college student came and took Tuck home. I was amazed at how many calls we got for “Free to good home, 2 year old, neutered, pure bred beagle, current shots. Doesn’t like kids.” I feel like he went to a good home and an owner that can love him and take responsibility for him. We are all sad, excluding Jim, but I know that it was the best thing for all of us.

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12 days with very little bathing… continued

July 16th, 2008 — 4:18pm

Continued from before

After many phone calls and time pouring over the map we thought to call our friends who often camp on their parents land in Cedaredge. Thankfully, they were there camping and were happy to invite us along. So we spent our 4th with good friends listening to our dog viciously bark at their dogs. The next day we got moving early and I took to the phone again, looking for a place to camp the night. Our friends Chris and Shenan had planned to meet us our second day in Crawford, so we were trying to find a place that would take all of us. Again luck was on our side and I secured the last two camping spots in Ouray, one of my most favorite places in Colorado. It was in an RV park, but it didn’t matter, there was shade and so much to do and amazing scenery… and showers!

We spent the evening cleaning up and relaxing. Chris and Shenan offered to keep our kids for the night in their camper so we even had some alone time. The next morning we walked to the local coffee shop before joining up with our friends (and kids!). We spent the afternoon swimming in the hotsprings pool before lightning forced us to leave. So we all piled into Chris and Shenan’s camper and the kids napped (begrudgingly) and the adults played cards. On our way out of town we ate at the True Grit Cafe in Ridgway which is a homage to John Wayne because he filmed True Grit in Ridgway. And we were off to Gunnison.

I wasn’t thrilled about going to Gunnison because I had pictured it as a cute mountain town and when we drove through a couple days before I found out that it was nothing at all like I’d imagined. Also because we had tried to cancel our hotel room in favor of more camping but the hotel made up a new policy at the last minute that they didn’t accept cancellations in July. I had argued and argued with them days before about canceling, but didn’t have the emotional stamina to take it any further. So we just decided to go ahead with our reservations. It ended up fine. We used the time there to bathe(!) and do laundry and I had a touch of food poisoning or something, so I wasn’t up to hiking all over the place anyway. Plus the reason we were in that area of Colorado was to camp at the Dinner Station campground, rated the highest by our camping book. Dinner Station was described as the campground that you visit as a child and continue to visit every year thereafter.

Unfortunately our tastes must be quite different that the author of this book. Dinner Station was past Taylor Reservoir in a field of sagebrush and pine trees and was alongside a creek. It was ok, but by no means an amazing campground that we would travel several hours to visit every year. The campsites were close together, with many of the parking spots right on the road. There was well water provided, but the hand pump it came out of was so rusty that the water was brown. We planned to go ahead and stay but the people in our reserved spot from the night before hadn’t quite packed up yet, so we drove around exploring a bit. We ended up at a campground on the other side of the mountains called Mosca. It was right on a lovely fishing lake and the camp spots were a little more private. Jim was worried about running out of gas and I like the spot better so we just decided to forgo our reservations and stay at Mosca.

The water system at Mosca had dried up, and we had very little drinking water with us. (I had forgotten to fill up our big jug in Gunnison.) We were a little worried about what we were going to do about drinking water until Jim remembered that we still had water in the camper’s reservoir. So we had enough drinking water and we boiled our rusty water from Dinner Station to wash and rinse dishes and one crisis was avoided! We fished to no avail and enjoyed the evening, roasting marshmallows. This campground was the coldest we stayed at, even though the elevation was lower than Lake Irwin. It got down to 33 degrees that night. Times like that, we were thankful for the camper!

Rather than stay another night without good water, we decided to pack up and spend our last two nights camping at a campground that we knew was good. So we headed back towards home and camped at Silverjack Reservoir. It was beautiful and relaxing until the dog decided to go after Honor. Honor was just trying to pet him and he just went after him, barking viciously, baring his teeth and snapping. I picked Honor up to get him out of the way as Jim pulled the dog back. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jim so mad. Tuck spent the rest of his evening laying on his back under the table of the camper. We kept him tied up so he couldn’t reach the sleeping children. And we decided that we could no longer keep him in our family. It’s just not worth risking our kids or anyone else’s.

The last couple days, we made sure to keep him away from the kids, and when we hiked down to the reservoir, we left him in the camper. I think this was the first time that Jim got to truly relax because the dog wasn’t tied to him. Plus he caught a bunch of fish. Eden and I got bored and hiked back up to our spot. We spent the afternoon knitting and coloring. It took 12 days, but I finally relaxed! We headed home the next day, completely filthy and ready to come home.

Overall, it wasn’t the lounge around, be limp-as-a-noodle vacation that I had anticipated. But I got to spend some really good time with Jim. Because he was there, the kids behaved and were really enjoyable. The dog stress/incidents were really upsetting, but I feel like we’ve done everything we could with him and hopefully we can find a great, childless home for him to go to.

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sad day

September 21st, 2007 — 4:05pm

Today Jim had to put his dog, Daisy, down. It was sort of sad, but something that we knew was coming. Then we had to tell the kids. They were surprisingly calm, Honor just made sure that Tucky was still ok and Eden asked if she was in Heaven and that was about that. Death is still such a weird thing for me to comprehend. It’s amazing that the kids can handle it so much better than us adults.

Here she is with Tuck.

tuck and daisy

So long Daisy.

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101 reasons not to glue carpet to the floor

October 23rd, 2006 — 10:25am

Last week was an extraordinarily bad week for me. It was terrible in ways that I can’t even say. I was really hoping that this week would be better, but I just cleaned up a gallon of dog crap and it wasn’t the solid kind. It was all over the carpet on the basement stairs. I honestly cannot think of a more disgusting smell. So I tried to use a clothes pin on my nose (really I did) and it was too painful, but with a series of nose pinches and breath holding I managed to get it cleaned up and the carpet pulled out.

See, I’m not sure what genius thought it was a good idea to go ahead and glue ugly green carpet to the cement stairs, but let me tell you, I cursed them the whole time I pried and pulled that carpet up. Wow, that was fun.

(And now begins the product review portion of this post)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a marketing representative for the new Clorox Ultimate Care bleach. She asked if she could send me a sample of the product if I would honestly review it on my blog. I was mostly curious how she found me, so I agreed to review the bleach, although I never did find out how she found me.

The bleach seems good, it’s a little thicker than regular Clorox bleach and scented. I’ve used it on two loads of laundry now and I have to say that I’m not sure if it is any better than the original. It would probably be good if I ever needed to directly treat a stain because of the thickness. The problem is that it’s scented. Unless it comes in unscented, I don’t think I’ll ever buy it. Honor and I both have eczema, so we have to be really careful with scented laundry soaps.

But I have to say, the lightly scented bleach came in real handy today as I was scrubbing up dog poop. And now the back porch smells more like bleach than it does poop, and that’s really saying something.

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for the puppy lovers out there

October 13th, 2006 — 9:58am

The following photos are titled “mauling the dog.” He really does live a rough dog life.

mauling the dog

mauling the dog

mauling the dog


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September 6th, 2006 — 9:37am

Last Saturday we headed up to the mountains for a picnic. It was so perfect up there, the mosquitos have already died off, but the weather is still beautiful. There were a few spots on the aspen trees where the leaves were starting to turn gold. I have to say, this is my absolute most favorite time of year.

We took the dog with us which is always… interesting. He has gotten to be a BIG beagle – at least 40 pounds at 9 months old and he’s not quite done growing. This big beagle likes to sit in my lap while we are in the car which doesn’t really work for me because, 1. I like to feel my legs and 2. I must knit while in the car. Sorry puppy. We got him a new leash attachment that goes over his nose and turns him into a good dog, it’s amazing! And it really makes for a much more relaxed family outing.

While were were up in the mountains, we took the opportunity to take some amazing photos of the kids. I love my camera! I’ll probably be pestering you with photos of the kids over the next several days, they were all so good! But here’s a few to start.

Jim took this one.
mountain trip Labor Day '06

mountain trip Labor Day '06

Jim took this one.
mountain trip Labor Day '06

Eden took this one.
mountain trip Labor Day '06

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a new blog and a new dog

March 28th, 2006 — 12:01am

the new puppy!

Saturday we drove 30 miles to the next town over to pick up our new beagle puppy. He and the kids were very excited as we drove home, so much so that he peed on me 3 times on the way home. Nothing like breaking in your new owner. (Let’s not talk about our floor – I’m just thankful that we’ve got mostly hard surfaces.)

He’s 3 months old, cute, sweet and he can clear a room like nobodies business. We’re pretty sure that his name is going to be Tuck. He’s sitting snuggling me with his sweet puppy head as I type this. awww…

And if you’re surfing with bloglines, you may want to check out the new look. Now you know why my wrist has been bothering me! I’m still testing, and working some things out (especially in Internet Explorer), but I’m glad to be done. Just let me know if you find any bugs as you browse around.

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