pics from the last week or two

Carrie as a hipster
Carrie, wearing my glasses, pretending to be a hipster.

Gunnison scooting backwards

Oh Siri
I asked Siri to remind me to go get Honor…

My first cell phone
This was my very first cell phone. My mom has it at her house for the kids to play with.

Where we live
Just, you know, hiking on a Tuesday night. What a place we live in…

Senator Udall
I got a cool letter from our Senator about the helmet liner project we do at Tangle. We’ve sent out almost 800 so far.

Experimenting with roasting Peeps. I burned myself pretty badly on the melted sugar, but roasted Peeps are amazing. The sugar coating gets all crispy and delicious.

Eden in the hospital
Eden in the hospital waiting to get staples in her head. She and Honor got in a fight involving Honor getting kicked in the eye and Eden getting a metal water bottle thrown at her head. The wound was really, really gushy so Carrie drove us to the ER while I applied pressure to Eden’s head. 3 hours later, she got two staples and we got to go home.

Cadbury eggs in cupcakes
I had the brilliant idea of baking Cadbury Eggs into cupcakes. I froze them solid before dropping them into the batter, but they still melted too much. Maybe next year I’ll just hollow out the middle of an already baked cupcake and drop one in.

Black widow
Yesterday we found this ginormous Black Widow spider hanging out in the back yard.

Black widow

Fly fishing!!
Me at my second Fly Fishing lesson. I now know how to cast and roll cast!

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