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pics from the last week or two

December 26th, 2013 — 10:57am

Snow up to his neck

morning commute to Middle School

They love them some churros

woodworking project in the basement

Selling some hats on consignment at a few of the shops around town

Gifts for my teachers at Tangle – I have 18 of them!

Finished sweaters for the twinzies

Bridge between LoDo and LoHi in Denver.

Love Larimer Square

Breakfast at Snooze

took the twinzies to the aquarium for their 4th birthday.

I ordered the worlds largest Christmas Cards (designed by me!)

Fun, new toy at Tangle

Two giant Ikea bags full of Cotton Candy for Amy’s Christmas Party. (I love having my own cotton candy machine.)

love my tree

pecan brittle. the only holiday treat I made

Honor begged me for this nutcracker from Anthropologie. How was I to turn the boy down?

Love having a business partner that knits me gifts.

This light display, north of town, gets better every year.

stockings for Seth and Carrie and baby Elliott

fox jammies!


handknit stockings don’t hold up super well to being packed full

playing with my new wacom tablet

It’s like Josh knows me.

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pics from the last week or two

December 6th, 2013 — 1:10pm

Silly baby helping his mom make things for Tangle's Christmas windows.
Baby Elliott hanging out at Tangle while his mama helps with the Christmas windows.

Parenting in the modern world.  Aka, texts from the next room. (Also, correct punctuation.)

Bed time avoidance. Or parenting in 2013.
The children both have iPods so they’re constantly texting me from the next room when they should be sleeping.

New duvet. #bedsmade #miracle #ikea
new duvet

First americano in 3 weeks with cream. I lost 6lbs on the Challenge so it might have been worth the sacrifice. #whitecup
I really don’t like the red Starbucks cups, so these reusable ones have been a good substitute. I realize I’m ridiculous.

Blueberry cream cheese hand pies.
Blueberry/cream cheese hand pies I made for Thanksgiving.

My apple pie #fav
And apple pie.

Drinking a Stone, thinking of @misocrafty @wigatoni
We take any chance we can get to eat at Bin 707.

Pie for breakfast #tradition
Pie for breakfast. The best tradition of Thanksgiving.

And then a hike.#tradition
Followed by a hike. The second best tradition of Thanksgiving.

Getting ready for Black Friday. #earlybutnotbright
Tangle very early on Black Friday.

Wish lists filled out. #christmastime
Everyone’s wish lists.

Our first year if having a real Christmas tree. #christmastime
Our first year of having a real tree.

Welcome to your 30's @hoptocopter
Happy 30th birthday, Seth!

Digital billboard on hwy 6&50 designed by meee!
digital billboard I designed for Downtown Grand Junction.

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pics from the last week or twelve

November 13th, 2013 — 10:11am

Eden wearing makeup

No better way to spend D-day+2yrs than in the garage with Broncos & my people.
Broncos games in the garage!

My design, on a billboard! #gjco
Billboard I designed for Downtown Grand Junction!

Helping @hoptocopter film a very important part for the Downtown commercial!
pretty downtown fountain

Sunset at the corn maze.
Sunset at the corn maze

Yum #fresh #healthy
Delicious, new downtown restaurant that serves all made from scratch salads, paninis and soup. Cafe Sol. love it.

The only photographic evidence I took of today's trip to the corn maze.
fun with kids at the corn maze

My boyfriend is an app developer... or maybe that's just an excuse to have every device ever. @joshhudnall
Josh is an app and web developer so he has every device ever for testing.

We take Honor to breakfast and he orders turkey bacon and scrambled egg whites. #what
love them

Happy Birthday Joshie!
Josh on his birthday.

Knitting. Coffee. Chocolate. Mountains. Josh. Everything my heart's been needing.
Mouse’s Chocolates in Ouray

The best part of where I live is that I can drive 1.5hrs and be in a different season. #wintry
Ouray in October. We drive 1.5hrs and leave fall and arrive in winter. Love this place.

Josh's birthday ink.
Josh got a new tattoo for his birthday.

Thanks for the awesome dinner at Bin tonight! @superflysnow
date night!

We're cute or whatever...
Photo by Seth Schaeffer

Who says you can't eat well while on the challenge? #21daychallenge #nofilter #chickenwith40cloves
Visited my sister for a few days and I was in charge of dinners.

My little kiddos are experiencing a loss that's so reminiscent of what I tried  hard to prevent several years ago. Their dad's girlfriend moved out yesterday. It's so hard to watch, especially the second time around. Today has been full of tears and I'm v
Love. Photo by Seth Schaeffer

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pics from the last week or two

May 17th, 2013 — 9:19am

Now he has a helicopter to match Josh and Seth. #nerds #cutenerds
Honor saved up to get a helicopter so he could fly with Josh and Seth.

Kitchen fries. Girls happy hour. #bin707 #yum
Kitchen Fries at Bin 707 – girls happy hour.

Just workin on Lord Grantham Schaeffer's chamber. #doublebabywars @sstruwe

Progress...including the yoyo quilt I made.
Workin on setting up Carrie’s baby’s room. Note the quilt I made.

Middle school orientation. #yep
Eden with her buddies at Middle School Orientation.

Lights in @joshhudnall's new office.
The lights in Josh’s new office.

Larimer Square, my secret plan for downtown gj. #nofilter
Larimer Square in Denver

Rooftop dining
Rooftop dining in Denver


Shooting a promo video for Swaylist at bin. #bin707 #swaylist

@joshhudnall @hoptocopter on set for the @swaylist shoot.
We took over Bin 707 one night to film a promo video for Josh’s startup, Swaylist.

Dexter is glad that at least one person loves him.
Seth loves him.

Workin at Josh's office with every Apple device imaginable. #someofthemmine!

Conference area in @joshhudnall's & @hoptocopter's new, mod office.
more shots of Josh’s office

She's reading to us.
She was reading to us.

Second meeting of the #westslopesupperclub early 1960's theme

Josh and I went to the second meeting of the West Slope Supper Club. It was early ’60’s themed.

Gotta get all the mileage I can outta these lashes. #lifedream

We built a firepit.
new fire pit

At this point I'm wondering if I should do nothing and just wait for the next time change...

Cozy little place to knit.
at Tangle

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pics from the last month or so (pt.4)

April 29th, 2013 — 12:15pm

Look who got into the challenge program!
Eden got accepted into the Challenge Program for middle school. The competition was tough and I am so proud of her!

Mangly trees with no leaves and a cloud that looks like a poodle. #backyard
We spend so many hours in the backyard, around the fire, staring at this sky.

Creamy risotto, buttery peas, garlicky shrimp, bacon wrapped dates and a campfire.
My first try at making Risotto.

What's this? A baby snuggling with me on the blanket I MADE him. #winningforever #babywars @sstruwe
Me and baby Cal and the blanket I made him.

We needed a display table at Tangle so @joshhudnall helped me build one.
New table at Tangle that Josh helped me build.

Headin to Ouray for the day with this guy.
Headed out for another of our hot springs day-trips.

This theater... I'm telling you. Best movie-watching experience ever!
The Fox theater in Montrose is amazing! It’s full of old tile in pristine condition. Tickets and popcorn are actually affordable. It felt like we had gone back in time 50 years. LOVE IT.


New at Tangle <3
new twine at Tangle

What remains. #roastedveggies
find all the veggies you have in the house, toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 400ยบ for 20 or so minutes.

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pics from the last month or so (pt. 3)

April 28th, 2013 — 12:15pm

I feel that the bathtub is a perfectly acceptable place  to consume ice cream.
Haagen Daz with cocoa nibs and whiskey drizzled over.

Wrote out the menus for #downtowncoffee today! It opens tomorrow!
wrote out the menus for Downtown Coffee, the church’s new coffee shop that helps support the Good Samaritan Clinic.

Tangle window project is a-happening. with @carringtonschaeffer
workin on Tangle windows

We wanted a fire pit so Seth dug one.
We wanted a fire pit in the backyard, so Seth dug one.

My biz partner's daughter is going to china. #spendingmoney
my biz parnter’s daughter went to China.

Newest project: resetting Tangle.
rearranged the yarn at Tangle

Monopoly with the slumlord, @joshhudnall, and the cover-stealing children.
family Monopoly night

My tiny little daughter now shops in the women's section for shoes. #11yrsold
Eden now wears a woman’s size 6 shoe…

New displays

New yarn displays!
more rearranged displays at Tangle

My child is related to @carringtonschaeffer. She went to red mango with a mustache drawn on her face.

Eden emailed this to me. #dogshaming #shameisokwhenitsappliedtothedog
Eden shaming the dog.

Annual spring break trip to Ouray
Spring Break tradition: Ouray hot springs and Mouse’s Chocolate.

Baby gifts are better late than never #whatimtellingmyself #finally
Finished blanket for baby Cal.

This is where I'll be for the next 3 days. #thewestconference #bri&alkickassandtakenames
conference materials being made

The West is happening! Thanks to Paul for the special shout-out. #killingit

Feeling proud and a little like a celebrity today. #thewestconference
We pulled off the conference. It went amazingly well. Our pastor gave the opening talk and gave me a really special shout-out, talking about what a good leader I am. Then we showed the Good Samaritan Clinic video. I felt a little like a celebrity.

Eden aka Edith
little girl kid

Happy campers

Rock skipping lessons
We took the kids camping over spring break and they both learned how to skip rocks. I am still terrible at it.

My mom's dwarf nectarine tree.
My mom’a dwarf nectarine tree right before it did this:

Backyard snow showers
4 inches!

These trees are gorg

Dextini as Princess Leia. #theforceisstrongwiththisone
Dexter as Princess Leia.

Baby lobster

This is, apparently, a snarf. A sad snarf. #honor
This is a sad snarf. We know he’s sad because he’s green. That boy and his imagination…

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pics from the last month or so (pt.2)

April 27th, 2013 — 9:45am

I ordered myself a present. #ginger
A new present for to myself.

Having coffee with this guy
love this little guy

The Bri/Al get sh*t done day continues.
I helped Brian plan and run a one-day conference with local leaders in our community so this was my view for the month of March.

I'm learning to rug hook! #hooker
Learned how to rug hook on our class at Tangle.

Cute stack #fiestaware

Day two consisted of me yelling NO at the tv a lot. #insanity
I stayed in this position on the floor for a long time after doing an insanity workout.

Restaurant week...a good time to be in Denver.
Josh and I went to Denver to see a couple of shows and it happened to be Restaurant Week. mmmm.

Churchill at the Ogden!
At the Churchill show at the Ogden Theater.

Churchill. Love them.

Cozied up in a Denver blizzard with tea and scones and clotted cream.

Clotted cream and jam
Every time we go to Denver we seem to hit a huge blizzard. It was fun to cozy up in a little tea shop with tea and scones and clotted cream.

Mussels in buttery wine sauce. This place was amazing.
On our way home from Denver we stopped in Glenwood Springs and ate at the Pullman. It was AMAZING. Very Bin 707-ish.

Swoon.  @joshhudnall
Love him.

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pics from the last month or so (pt.1)

April 26th, 2013 — 11:38am

This is what happens when you get so busy, there’s no time to blog. I’m working on having better boundaries with myself so this very thing doesn’t happen again.

Sneaking away for key lime pie while the children are at their classes at church
Key Lime Pie at my favorite, Bin 707.

Chancho. My sister begged me to take him home with me. #puppies
My sister begged me to take him home with me. Maybe a puppy and twinzies is a little too much…

Headed into the storm
Mountainy storm

Getting ready to give out free flu shots! #goodsamaritanclinic #healthcareforall
We gave out free flu shots at the Good Samaritan Clinic.

Happy birthday to my teeny, tiny girl who is now 11 and, I believe, taller than Carrie.
Eden turned 11 – way back in February.

Wrapping on one of Eden's birthday presents
One of Eden’s presents.

One way to make this girl happy: a new price gun with custom labels.
Tangle finally got custom price labels.

Valentines day brunch #thesweetest
Josh and I made Valentines day Brunch.

Eggs baked in avocados
eggs baked in avocados
Eggs baked in avocados… good but not awesome. I prefer my avocado room temp.

Now that she's 11, she'd rather dine with her BFF across the restaurant from the parents
Eden and her BFF prefer to eat by themselves.

Baby's first Lollie. A gift from aunt al @amylinnlentz @polkadottotmom #winning
look who got his first lollie from Aunt Al.

new little planter.

My little goth in-training
Silly hat day at school turned into silly hair day.

Part of my new plan to live on a budget.
Part of my plan to live on a budget. Love this debit card.

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pics from the last week or two

January 29th, 2013 — 12:23pm

Introducing Eden's new rat, Paris.
Eden’s new pet rat, Paris

What I hope our coffee shop can be someday.
crema, an amazing coffee shop in Denver

Mimosas at Watercourse in Denver

21day challenge day 1: breakfast tacos 330cal
breakfast tacos, 21 day challenge approved

I love when puppies come to visit me at Tangle
baby puppies came to visit me at Tangle

pretty yarn at Tangle

This clock is my new favorite. Scored it at an antique store in Montrose for $5. I love the sound electric clocks make.
scored this at an antique store in Montrose, CO

Easiest upgrade I've ever done to any computer. #newram
new RAM for my Tangle mac. I installed it myself!

Opening day #zoo
everyone is obsessed with the new Sprouts

You can't win them all

Teaching him to pick up his own poop when he goes inside isn't maybe the best plan.  #theworst
he poops on the floor, I tried to make him clean it up himself. I give up on training this dog…

Baby pug #tanglevisitors

Baby pug #tanglevisitors
more puppies visiting me at Tangle

New garbage disposal #thankful
a new garbage disposal, one of my Christmas presents. he’s the sweetest

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pics from the last week or two

January 3rd, 2013 — 1:18pm

Watchin the parade of lights from the top of tangle. Missing @carringtonschaeffer with @joshhudnall and @abigailfeld
watching the parade of lights from the top of Tangle

View from the top
bird’s eye view of Tangle

Successfully parallel-working with @joshhudnall

There's a great article about Tangle in the Winter issue of CMU's magazine, Horizon.
article about Tangle in the University magazine


Yesterday's breakfast #lois' #hipsterhangout #baaaaacon
Josh and I are getting obsessed with going to Lois’ for breakfast.

A chevron Christmas stocking. It's ok if you wanna bask in my knitting glory. #genius
progress of my Christmas stocking.

Me=winning. #coffeewars @joshhudnall
maybe I’m getting someone addicted to coffee…

The best part of eating at Pufferbelly is when the train goes by...that and the bacon.
eating at Pufferbelly as the train goes by. Maybe this obsession with breakfast places has something to do with bacon being my second favorite food…

Dexter thought he would be warm inside of @joshhudnall's hoodie.
Dexter snuggled himself up in Josh’s hoodie.

Gettin ready to run the Good Samaritan Clinic tomorrow.
getting set up for the Clinic

Busy, busy day. 41 patients. #goodsamaritanclinic
We ended up seeing a record 43 patients that day.

Chiopino mmmmm
Chiopino at Bin 707…amazing…

I mean, bacon is my second favorite food but this might be a little too much...

So proud of Scotty. Can't believe what people sacrifice to keep us safe.
my cousin’s husband got to come home for the first time since June.

Monument Presbyterian is the sweetest church. We were so honored to talk about the clinic with them.
This church took their Christmas Eve offering for the clinic. Brian and I were so honored to get to share with them during their Sunday morning service. It was one of the sweetest churches I’ve been to.

Don’t be fooled by his sweet face, he will pee on your floor given the chance.

Me and baby cal
me and baby Cal

I can’t tell you how much I LOVE the snow. It dumped on both Christmas and New Years Eve.


Eden and her coach
Eden hanging out with her Basketball coach.

Fixin a light
Josh wired a chandelier for me that I had gotten at a yard sale a few years ago. The kids found it very fascinating.

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