pics from the last week or two

Carries birthday scones
Scones the kids and I made Carrie for her birthday

Article about the clinic
Article in the local paper about the Good Samaritan Clinic finding a new home

Teepee that Amy made for Jane!
My friend Amy made this amazing teepee for her daughter’s birthday out of fabric we sell at Tangle.

Honors room, clean
Gasp, Honor’s room, clean!

Coming soon to main street
excited for this to come to Main Street

Carries birthday present
Carrie trying out her new birthday present.

Fruit snacks
Fruit Snacks must be enjoyed in Rainbow-color-order.


Basically all the pictures of me are ones I take of myself.

Green chile wraps
At our local Farmers Market on Main Street you can get these amazing roasted green chile wraps… oh, so good.

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