pics from the last week or two (or three)

Up early to judge the Mesa county fair heritage arts

Love seeing these crazy rain clouds @ Mesa county fair
A stormy morning at the Mesa County Fair. I got to judge the “heritage arts” for the 4h kids. It was so fun and makes me feel proud to see a younger generation knitting and quilting.

Baby's first Olathe sweet corn
Gunnison eating his first Olathe Sweet Corn.

The perfect time to return a bunch of emails is in the carwash
Sometimes I get so busy that I drive through the car wash so I can return a few emails.

Sewing a zigzag quilt today
Workin on a giant zig zag quilt at Tangle.

I'm pretty sure they didn't think thru the name of this ice cream bar
um, really, this is the name of these new ice cream bars?

GJ Rockies game!

On Gunni duty
I was on Gunni duty. This kid just cracks me up!

Asking myself why we don't carry every single kind of yarn in broncos colors?
Searching for the perfect Bronco’s color yarn.

Hazelnut ice cream sandwiches #culinarygenius #superhumbletoo
homemade icecream sandwiches rolled in chopped hazelnuts

Workin on a little project

Little project
Got to work on my handwriting a little bit for a project for a video shoot. fun fun.

Rainbow over the Denver plains
Dropped my friend Megan off at the airport in Denver and I got this quick shot from the car of the rainbow over the plains of Denver.

Sending her to Africa
So proud of Meg for moving to Africa for seven months to work for Light Gives Heat.

Got to see the twinzies real quick while I was in Denver. Can’t believe how big they’ve gotten.

Today we celebrate redemption #sogood #sofaithful
Gunnison was dedicated at church last week. Such a special time for Rickelle and Caleb. I’m so thankful to get to be in their lives and to get to know Gunnison.

Rainbow #tangle
Tangle celebrated our 6th birthday and had our big sale last Saturday. So proud to have run a successful business for SIX years! Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been so long!

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