pics from the last week or two (or three or four)

Ahhh Finns grill, so glad you're on main street
Our local fish taco restaurant moved to Main Street and I’m SO happy about it.

What you find there #promise
Mumford lyrics that I’ve clinged to over the past few years.

My backyard on a cloudy morning is the perfect place to spend time connecting to my heart
The backyard on a cloudy morning

Night time badminton
We’ve started having epic night-time badminton tournaments. Whenever Carrie is in town, she whips all of us.

Giant family hand and foot game
When we were in Wyoming visiting my Grandma, we had an huge family game of Hand and Foot.

Me and my hipster cousin
Me and my hipster cousin

A rare moment when the living room isn't covered with Legos.
living room

Third and fifth graders off to school! #lastyearofelementary
The kids started school. Eden is in 5th and Honor is in 3rd. Last year of taking them both to elementary school. crazy.

Good morning from the world's most stubborn wiener dog #dextinitheweenie

Crazy red sun filtered through so much smoke
The smoke from that Montana fire made for some crazy, pink sunsets.

I foresee many a night spent on this porch
My friend Dane bought a house. We will spend a lot of time sitting on this porch I think.

This kid just keeps losing teeth
Three teeth in the last few weeks.

Knitting somethin a little broncos-y
Workin on a set of patterns for Broncos hats.

Dog meets rat
Dexter loves Eden’s pet rat.

Dog meets rat

Promo first aid kit for the clinic
Coming up with some fun promo items for the clinic.

Everyone wants hot dog flavored potato chips
only at Walmart

Peach cobbler
Peach cobbler is one of the best things about summer

Long haired boy
Apparently he’s growing out his hair.

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