pics from the last week or two

There's been lots of orange and blue on my needles lately
My set of Bronco’s hats. It’s been fun knitting these during games and I’m excited to be selling the pattern on Tangle’s website.

Shiny #goth
My new shiny pants

Getting ready for tomorrow's clinic!!
Getting ready to run the clinic.

This place I live....#luckygirl

In the rain

Cold shivers #nofilter

I live just 10 minutes from the Colorado National Monument. It was beautiful in the rain.

The 9 year old


Honor turned 9.

Dexter's birthday is the day before Honor's. Honor especially loves this fact.
And Dexter turned 3.

This happened tonight #gchord #thankskev
And I learned how to play a G chord.

Watching broncos with Gunni
We watched the Bronco’s game in the garage.


And it was super fun.

Apple store
Brian and I ran over to Denver to grab some stuff at Ikea and the Apple store for the church.


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