pics from the last week or two

Why knit with yarn when you can knit with roving?

Knitting with roving
Knitting with roving

White beech mushrooms
White Beech Mushrooms

14 quarts if salsa #done
14 quarts of salsa canned!

Wearing my special ring didn't help

Long hair!
longest my hair has ever been

New yarn --> baby sweater
little sweater for a sample at Tangle

Look who says "al"
look who says “al” now

Out to lunch with two fifth grade girls and they are playing mash. #ohman
Eden and her BFF playing mash while we were out to lunch after church

I order fried zucchini and then peel off all the breading. #silly
I peel the breading off my fried zucchini

Ombré dishes #nofilter #fiestaware<3

There is glitter all over my entire house!
glitter pumpkins!

White and glittery

Glittery white, aqua and gold. #love

Green and yellow and red and blue
tree in front of my house

The al/kel badminton tourney score is 3-3 #soclassy
Rickelle and I had to get the most ghetto drinks for our badminton tournament. Current tournament score is me 4, Kel 3.

Grammy helped the kids with a pumpkin carving preview
The kids carved pumpkins with my mom before our pumpkin carving party.

32 patients and we turned away at least 10. Great clinic today!
For the first time we had to turn patients away at the clinic.

H bomb


This is happening #fallisthebestseason
carmel and pecans

This is what happens when you're involved in planning 5 parties in one weekend.... #cantstop
helped plan 5 parties in 4 days and this was the list for one of the days

Giant hamster  balls

Giant hamster balls
I need giant hamster balls in my backyard as a parenting technique

no bangs

Dane and I wearing each other's hand knit sweaters.
my friend Dane and I switched hand-knit sweaters

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  1. Bex

    I LOVED the pumpkins!!! …and on Wednesday I was eating some of my leftover hummus and there was glitter in it. HA!

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