pics from the last week or two (or three or four)

Dogs like pumpkin muffins too. #punkin
Dexter with his buddy, Memphis

Sweet Lisa @mooreminutes
flowers from Lisa. She’s so thoughtful.

I showed him a picture of a cow and he said "moo"
Gunnison being so cute

Boys and their toys #gianthelicopter
These boys nerding-out over their new helicopter.

Some weeks it feels like I live in this shirt.

A hound dog and a grasshopper
her legs are SO long

Slopeside lodge looking up.
Ceiling at the Slopeside Lodge at Powerderhorn Ski Resort. We got to stay a couple days up there while Seth filmed a promotional video for the lodge. It was really rough.


Bed head
woke up looking like this

There's a wienie dog under there. #19degrees
dexter snuggled in

Green & black

Something about the phone book makes it all the more real.

Baby Cal is already convinced that I'm his favorite.
Amy had baby #3!

Eden is the best babysitter
Eden is the best babysitter

Nothing like ending the of crafting with another craft project.

The clinic elves have been busy. #thistimesforty
late night making donation boxes for the clinic

Main Street is all twinkly.
Main Street all twinkly

So excited that we get to carry Light Gives Heat jewelry and bags at Tangle.
Excited to carry LGH at Tangle

Thanksgiving Eve Lego-a-thon @joshhudnall
Josh playing legos with the children

According to the children, this is a love couch. #newfurniture
new loveseat that matches my couch perfectly

Thanksgiving eve dinner with @carringtonschaeffer @hoptocopter @joshhudnall and the children
Bin makes the best Chai Lattes (along with everything else… my fav)

Honor learned to tie flies
Honor is learning to tie flies.

Screech owl just hangin out
This little guy was just hanging out on Main Street the other day.

Just hand painting a logo on some windows. #adayinthelife
I hand painted the windows for the church’s new coffee shop.

First coat done

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  1. Allisone

    Several inspiring photos, my dear! Life looks happy. It is good to see.

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