pics from the last week or two

Introducing Eden's new rat, Paris.
Eden’s new pet rat, Paris

What I hope our coffee shop can be someday.
crema, an amazing coffee shop in Denver

Mimosas at Watercourse in Denver

21day challenge day 1: breakfast tacos 330cal
breakfast tacos, 21 day challenge approved

I love when puppies come to visit me at Tangle
baby puppies came to visit me at Tangle

pretty yarn at Tangle

This clock is my new favorite. Scored it at an antique store in Montrose for $5. I love the sound electric clocks make.
scored this at an antique store in Montrose, CO

Easiest upgrade I've ever done to any computer. #newram
new RAM for my Tangle mac. I installed it myself!

Opening day #zoo
everyone is obsessed with the new Sprouts

You can't win them all

Teaching him to pick up his own poop when he goes inside isn't maybe the best plan.  #theworst
he poops on the floor, I tried to make him clean it up himself. I give up on training this dog…

Baby pug #tanglevisitors

Baby pug #tanglevisitors
more puppies visiting me at Tangle

New garbage disposal #thankful
a new garbage disposal, one of my Christmas presents. he’s the sweetest

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