pics from the last month or so (pt.1)

This is what happens when you get so busy, there’s no time to blog. I’m working on having better boundaries with myself so this very thing doesn’t happen again.

Sneaking away for key lime pie while the children are at their classes at church
Key Lime Pie at my favorite, Bin 707.

Chancho. My sister begged me to take him home with me. #puppies
My sister begged me to take him home with me. Maybe a puppy and twinzies is a little too much…

Headed into the storm
Mountainy storm

Getting ready to give out free flu shots! #goodsamaritanclinic #healthcareforall
We gave out free flu shots at the Good Samaritan Clinic.

Happy birthday to my teeny, tiny girl who is now 11 and, I believe, taller than Carrie.
Eden turned 11 – way back in February.

Wrapping on one of Eden's birthday presents
One of Eden’s presents.

One way to make this girl happy: a new price gun with custom labels.
Tangle finally got custom price labels.

Valentines day brunch #thesweetest
Josh and I made Valentines day Brunch.

Eggs baked in avocados
eggs baked in avocados
Eggs baked in avocados… good but not awesome. I prefer my avocado room temp.

Now that she's 11, she'd rather dine with her BFF across the restaurant from the parents
Eden and her BFF prefer to eat by themselves.

Baby's first Lollie. A gift from aunt al @amylinnlentz @polkadottotmom #winning
look who got his first lollie from Aunt Al.

new little planter.

My little goth in-training
Silly hat day at school turned into silly hair day.

Part of my new plan to live on a budget.
Part of my plan to live on a budget. Love this debit card.

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