pics from the last month or so (pt.2)

I ordered myself a present. #ginger
A new present for to myself.

Having coffee with this guy
love this little guy

The Bri/Al get sh*t done day continues.
I helped Brian plan and run a one-day conference with local leaders in our community so this was my view for the month of March.

I'm learning to rug hook! #hooker
Learned how to rug hook on our class at Tangle.

Cute stack #fiestaware

Day two consisted of me yelling NO at the tv a lot. #insanity
I stayed in this position on the floor for a long time after doing an insanity workout.

Restaurant week...a good time to be in Denver.
Josh and I went to Denver to see a couple of shows and it happened to be Restaurant Week. mmmm.

Churchill at the Ogden!
At the Churchill show at the Ogden Theater.

Churchill. Love them.

Cozied up in a Denver blizzard with tea and scones and clotted cream.

Clotted cream and jam
Every time we go to Denver we seem to hit a huge blizzard. It was fun to cozy up in a little tea shop with tea and scones and clotted cream.

Mussels in buttery wine sauce. This place was amazing.
On our way home from Denver we stopped in Glenwood Springs and ate at the Pullman. It was AMAZING. Very Bin 707-ish.

Swoon.  @joshhudnall
Love him.

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