pics from the last month or so (pt. 3)

I feel that the bathtub is a perfectly acceptable place  to consume ice cream.
Haagen Daz with cocoa nibs and whiskey drizzled over.

Wrote out the menus for #downtowncoffee today! It opens tomorrow!
wrote out the menus for Downtown Coffee, the church’s new coffee shop that helps support the Good Samaritan Clinic.

Tangle window project is a-happening. with @carringtonschaeffer
workin on Tangle windows

We wanted a fire pit so Seth dug one.
We wanted a fire pit in the backyard, so Seth dug one.

My biz partner's daughter is going to china. #spendingmoney
my biz parnter’s daughter went to China.

Newest project: resetting Tangle.
rearranged the yarn at Tangle

Monopoly with the slumlord, @joshhudnall, and the cover-stealing children.
family Monopoly night

My tiny little daughter now shops in the women's section for shoes. #11yrsold
Eden now wears a woman’s size 6 shoe…

New displays

New yarn displays!
more rearranged displays at Tangle

My child is related to @carringtonschaeffer. She went to red mango with a mustache drawn on her face.

Eden emailed this to me. #dogshaming #shameisokwhenitsappliedtothedog
Eden shaming the dog.

Annual spring break trip to Ouray
Spring Break tradition: Ouray hot springs and Mouse’s Chocolate.

Baby gifts are better late than never #whatimtellingmyself #finally
Finished blanket for baby Cal.

This is where I'll be for the next 3 days. #thewestconference #bri&alkickassandtakenames
conference materials being made

The West is happening! Thanks to Paul for the special shout-out. #killingit

Feeling proud and a little like a celebrity today. #thewestconference
We pulled off the conference. It went amazingly well. Our pastor gave the opening talk and gave me a really special shout-out, talking about what a good leader I am. Then we showed the Good Samaritan Clinic video. I felt a little like a celebrity.

Eden aka Edith
little girl kid

Happy campers

Rock skipping lessons
We took the kids camping over spring break and they both learned how to skip rocks. I am still terrible at it.

My mom's dwarf nectarine tree.
My mom’a dwarf nectarine tree right before it did this:

Backyard snow showers
4 inches!

These trees are gorg

Dextini as Princess Leia. #theforceisstrongwiththisone
Dexter as Princess Leia.

Baby lobster

This is, apparently, a snarf. A sad snarf. #honor
This is a sad snarf. We know he’s sad because he’s green. That boy and his imagination…

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