pics from the last week or two

Now he has a helicopter to match Josh and Seth. #nerds #cutenerds
Honor saved up to get a helicopter so he could fly with Josh and Seth.

Kitchen fries. Girls happy hour. #bin707 #yum
Kitchen Fries at Bin 707 – girls happy hour.

Just workin on Lord Grantham Schaeffer's chamber. #doublebabywars @sstruwe

Progress...including the yoyo quilt I made.
Workin on setting up Carrie’s baby’s room. Note the quilt I made.

Middle school orientation. #yep
Eden with her buddies at Middle School Orientation.

Lights in @joshhudnall's new office.
The lights in Josh’s new office.

Larimer Square, my secret plan for downtown gj. #nofilter
Larimer Square in Denver

Rooftop dining
Rooftop dining in Denver


Shooting a promo video for Swaylist at bin. #bin707 #swaylist

@joshhudnall @hoptocopter on set for the @swaylist shoot.
We took over Bin 707 one night to film a promo video for Josh’s startup, Swaylist.

Dexter is glad that at least one person loves him.
Seth loves him.

Workin at Josh's office with every Apple device imaginable. #someofthemmine!

Conference area in @joshhudnall's & @hoptocopter's new, mod office.
more shots of Josh’s office

She's reading to us.
She was reading to us.

Second meeting of the #westslopesupperclub early 1960's theme

Josh and I went to the second meeting of the West Slope Supper Club. It was early ’60’s themed.

Gotta get all the mileage I can outta these lashes. #lifedream

We built a firepit.
new fire pit

At this point I'm wondering if I should do nothing and just wait for the next time change...

Cozy little place to knit.
at Tangle

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