pics from the last week or twelve

Eden wearing makeup

No better way to spend D-day+2yrs than in the garage with Broncos & my people.
Broncos games in the garage!

My design, on a billboard! #gjco
Billboard I designed for Downtown Grand Junction!

Helping @hoptocopter film a very important part for the Downtown commercial!
pretty downtown fountain

Sunset at the corn maze.
Sunset at the corn maze

Yum #fresh #healthy
Delicious, new downtown restaurant that serves all made from scratch salads, paninis and soup. Cafe Sol. love it.

The only photographic evidence I took of today's trip to the corn maze.
fun with kids at the corn maze

My boyfriend is an app developer... or maybe that's just an excuse to have every device ever. @joshhudnall
Josh is an app and web developer so he has every device ever for testing.

We take Honor to breakfast and he orders turkey bacon and scrambled egg whites. #what
love them

Happy Birthday Joshie!
Josh on his birthday.

Knitting. Coffee. Chocolate. Mountains. Josh. Everything my heart's been needing.
Mouse’s Chocolates in Ouray

The best part of where I live is that I can drive 1.5hrs and be in a different season. #wintry
Ouray in October. We drive 1.5hrs and leave fall and arrive in winter. Love this place.

Josh's birthday ink.
Josh got a new tattoo for his birthday.

Thanks for the awesome dinner at Bin tonight! @superflysnow
date night!

We're cute or whatever...
Photo by Seth Schaeffer

Who says you can't eat well while on the challenge? #21daychallenge #nofilter #chickenwith40cloves
Visited my sister for a few days and I was in charge of dinners.

My little kiddos are experiencing a loss that's so reminiscent of what I tried  hard to prevent several years ago. Their dad's girlfriend moved out yesterday. It's so hard to watch, especially the second time around. Today has been full of tears and I'm v
Love. Photo by Seth Schaeffer

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