pics from the last week or two

Silly baby helping his mom make things for Tangle's Christmas windows.
Baby Elliott hanging out at Tangle while his mama helps with the Christmas windows.

Parenting in the modern world.  Aka, texts from the next room. (Also, correct punctuation.)

Bed time avoidance. Or parenting in 2013.
The children both have iPods so they’re constantly texting me from the next room when they should be sleeping.

New duvet. #bedsmade #miracle #ikea
new duvet

First americano in 3 weeks with cream. I lost 6lbs on the Challenge so it might have been worth the sacrifice. #whitecup
I really don’t like the red Starbucks cups, so these reusable ones have been a good substitute. I realize I’m ridiculous.

Blueberry cream cheese hand pies.
Blueberry/cream cheese hand pies I made for Thanksgiving.

My apple pie #fav
And apple pie.

Drinking a Stone, thinking of @misocrafty @wigatoni
We take any chance we can get to eat at Bin 707.

Pie for breakfast #tradition
Pie for breakfast. The best tradition of Thanksgiving.

And then a hike.#tradition
Followed by a hike. The second best tradition of Thanksgiving.

Getting ready for Black Friday. #earlybutnotbright
Tangle very early on Black Friday.

Wish lists filled out. #christmastime
Everyone’s wish lists.

Our first year if having a real Christmas tree. #christmastime
Our first year of having a real tree.

Welcome to your 30's @hoptocopter
Happy 30th birthday, Seth!

Digital billboard on hwy 6&50 designed by meee!
digital billboard I designed for Downtown Grand Junction.

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