pics from the last week or two

Snow up to his neck

morning commute to Middle School

They love them some churros

woodworking project in the basement

Selling some hats on consignment at a few of the shops around town

Gifts for my teachers at Tangle – I have 18 of them!

Finished sweaters for the twinzies

Bridge between LoDo and LoHi in Denver.

Love Larimer Square

Breakfast at Snooze

took the twinzies to the aquarium for their 4th birthday.

I ordered the worlds largest Christmas Cards (designed by me!)

Fun, new toy at Tangle

Two giant Ikea bags full of Cotton Candy for Amy’s Christmas Party. (I love having my own cotton candy machine.)

love my tree

pecan brittle. the only holiday treat I made

Honor begged me for this nutcracker from Anthropologie. How was I to turn the boy down?

Love having a business partner that knits me gifts.

This light display, north of town, gets better every year.

stockings for Seth and Carrie and baby Elliott

fox jammies!


handknit stockings don’t hold up super well to being packed full

playing with my new wacom tablet

It’s like Josh knows me.

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