This is why I believe in public school: tonight we got to watch all of the musical kids at Palisade High School perform, all the bands and orchestras and choirs. Eden sang in two of the choirs and we marveled at the way her confidence to perform has changed over these last few years.

The night ended with the marching band filing into the auditorium, lining the room, and filling it with so much sound that you could feel it in your chest. As those kids marched in, joy exuding from them because of the music they were making, I teared up a little. I always tear up at my kids’ concerts, in rooms full of music that they are making. I can’t help but be eternally thankful for the opportunities that they have been given because of public school and I love to watch how it continues to make them grow.

Tonight I’ve been thinking about the opportunities that ALL kids get because of public school. Rich and poor alike they get the chance to make something beautiful, to learn to be on a team, to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They get the chance to fill school auditoriums, and football fields, with beauty that they make, together. And that is one of the greatest gifts we can give our kids, ALL of our kids.

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