a new blog and a new dog

the new puppy!

Saturday we drove 30 miles to the next town over to pick up our new beagle puppy. He and the kids were very excited as we drove home, so much so that he peed on me 3 times on the way home. Nothing like breaking in your new owner. (Let’s not talk about our floor – I’m just thankful that we’ve got mostly hard surfaces.)

He’s 3 months old, cute, sweet and he can clear a room like nobodies business. We’re pretty sure that his name is going to be Tuck. He’s sitting snuggling me with his sweet puppy head as I type this. awww…

And if you’re surfing with bloglines, you may want to check out the new look. Now you know why my wrist has been bothering me! I’m still testing, and working some things out (especially in Internet Explorer), but I’m glad to be done. Just let me know if you find any bugs as you browse around.

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23 Responses to “a new blog and a new dog”

  1. nichola

    Love the new look. One of my favourite colour combinations at the moment.

  2. jessie

    oooh, love the brown. so pretty.

    tuck is a-dorable!

  3. Scout

    OMG! Soooooo cute!

    And I love the new digs!

  4. Merededeux

    I like your new look. I also love Tuck as a name for the puppy. He’s so kissably cute.

  5. Angela

    Tuck is adorable! and i love your new look. The color scheme is great. I like the butterfly graphic but I do miss the rotating photo!

  6. mamafrog

    the site looks awesome! love it. the colors are just great. and tuck is way too cute…

  7. Heidi

    Love the dog – I will learn to love the blog! I dont do well with change at times!!! But, we all need it… :) looks great!

  8. sarahgrace

    Looks Fabulous! And I can’t beleive you guys got a doggie- he looks adorable!

  9. Sarah

    The dog is adorable and the site is fantastic! It’s so sophisticated. Just right for spring.

  10. Daph

    Love love love the new setup, it’s soooo kewl! And the puppy is adorable; love the name you picked out! :)

  11. LeAnne

    OH. MY. GOD. He’s so cuuuuuttteeee!!!!!! I am so happy for you bringing home a dog. There is nothing better for kids except good parents, and yours already have that! :-))

  12. christine

    WOW – you knew that you’d get me with this one!!!!!!!!!
    A Beagle…………..a Beagle puppy ———–damn, is he cute!
    Just what you needed, girly, another stubborn being…………
    Tee hee …………….

  13. Whimspiration

    Welcome back! I love the new look and Tuck is precious as can be. Is there some sort of magic code for categorizing posts like you do? That’s amazing. Blogrolled you recently so I can find you easier. You’re my fave blogger :) I love the way you write.

  14. Tish

    This is gorgeous new layout/look action! And also a very charming dog.

  15. alex

    What a beautiful new look! I am so impressed did you do this yourself?

  16. Elaine


  17. suzy

    check out http://www.beaglerescue.org for some more information about beagles if you’re interested.

  18. Annejelynn

    like the new format ~ nyce!

  19. loo

    wow! I thought I went to the wrong site for a moment! I love it.

    We can talk about Beagles together now.

  20. super_luminal

    Cute new look, cute new pooch! Great work on the css.

  21. KB

    Your new doggy is oh so cute! And I love the new site design.

  22. Jill

    The best design you’ve done yet!

  23. carole

    holy crap, he is adorable. I hope he doesn’t bay and make you crazy in the middle of the night.
    blog looks really beautiful.

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