for the puppy lovers out there

The following photos are titled “mauling the dog.” He really does live a rough dog life.

mauling the dog

mauling the dog

mauling the dog


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6 Responses to “for the puppy lovers out there”

  1. merp

    For one, I want your couch. I love the color. For two, the last picture is freaking adorable. What a cute lil’ puppy!

  2. Brianne

    Beautious chair. Beautious dog. Beautious children

  3. ratichoo

    My cat does exactly the same…

  4. kelli

    He matches the couch, I love it. Is he new ?

  5. Merededeux

    Oh, please. You know he loves it! He really is cute.

  6. Brianne

    I just thought of something. I remember at some point you mentioning you were using Malabrigio yarn, which totally gives me a raging migraine, maybe it might be contributing to yours?

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