101 reasons not to glue carpet to the floor

Last week was an extraordinarily bad week for me. It was terrible in ways that I can’t even say. I was really hoping that this week would be better, but I just cleaned up a gallon of dog crap and it wasn’t the solid kind. It was all over the carpet on the basement stairs. I honestly cannot think of a more disgusting smell. So I tried to use a clothes pin on my nose (really I did) and it was too painful, but with a series of nose pinches and breath holding I managed to get it cleaned up and the carpet pulled out.

See, I’m not sure what genius thought it was a good idea to go ahead and glue ugly green carpet to the cement stairs, but let me tell you, I cursed them the whole time I pried and pulled that carpet up. Wow, that was fun.

(And now begins the product review portion of this post)

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a marketing representative for the new Clorox Ultimate Care bleach. She asked if she could send me a sample of the product if I would honestly review it on my blog. I was mostly curious how she found me, so I agreed to review the bleach, although I never did find out how she found me.

The bleach seems good, it’s a little thicker than regular Clorox bleach and scented. I’ve used it on two loads of laundry now and I have to say that I’m not sure if it is any better than the original. It would probably be good if I ever needed to directly treat a stain because of the thickness. The problem is that it’s scented. Unless it comes in unscented, I don’t think I’ll ever buy it. Honor and I both have eczema, so we have to be really careful with scented laundry soaps.

But I have to say, the lightly scented bleach came in real handy today as I was scrubbing up dog poop. And now the back porch smells more like bleach than it does poop, and that’s really saying something.

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  1. merp

    oh no. I’ve been there – it sucks when dogs make messes like that. They really feel bad.

    I’m so sorry, you had such a crappy week. If we lived closer, I’d take you out for a nice cup of coffee and some peace of mind. But, since we aren’t closer I’ll give you a virtual hug.

    Interesting review – I too can’t buy scented detergent, my skin is so, so sensitive. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. georgia

    i cleaned up a gallon of dog poop last week. in our bedroom closet. all over my suede boots. delightful!

    even though your week started with poo, it’s bound to get better :)

  3. loo

    i’m sitting here trying to be a detective and figure out how she found you! i have five minutes left, wish me luck.

  4. spaazlicious

    Poor bunny!

    Um, a trick from too many crime shows–Vicks vapo rub under the nose helps with the icky smells. Our steam cleaner was probably the best $250 I’ve ever spent. But if you have cement stairs, and it is so liquid…well, crap, that sucks.

    Boiled unseasoned chicken, boiled white rice, tinned pumpkin. Pepto & Imodium can help too.

  5. sarahgrace

    Ha ha ha!! How’s that for a review. I’m sure that rep never thought you’d be using the Clorox to clean up dog poo…

  6. Dawn


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