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crab apple trees

I had an amazing moment a few weeks ago when I received a darling email from Cat Mayer, who is, in my opinion, the best photographer in Grand Junction. She was touched by what I’ve written on this blog recently and decided that this new version of our family needed to be photographed. So last week the kids and I picked out our own clothes and headed out to the country to have a photo session with Cat. Honor couldn’t understand why “everything needed to be perfect” when I asked him to brush his teeth and smooth out his hair. (Little boys can be so slimy!)

honor with the stick

We had so much fun tromping around in fields, chasing cows (Eden was determined to pet one), throwing sticks in the pond. The kids were beyond squirly, but that’s just how they are all the time, so it seemed appropriate for the photos.


Through this whole process I have been so touched and surprised by the people around me who have reached out. I am so surrounded and loved. Cat walked into Tangle a couple years ago and since then I have marveled at her talent and beauty, all of which is a reflection of her heart. I feel lucky to know these people who are surrounding me, they have made me a better person. I am just so grateful.




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2 Responses to “family photos”

  1. cat

    Awww, sweet words, thank you Allison! I love your family, your energy, your kindness, your wit and your creativity. You shouldn’t be too surprised by your friends reaching out to you right now. What you give is simply being returned to you! xo

  2. Leann

    Great pictures. I love how your personalities shine through. That’s some awesome stuff. :-)

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