Last Saturday we headed up to the mountains for a picnic. It was so perfect up there, the mosquitos have already died off, but the weather is still beautiful. There were a few spots on the aspen trees where the leaves were starting to turn gold. I have to say, this is my absolute most favorite time of year.

We took the dog with us which is always… interesting. He has gotten to be a BIG beagle – at least 40 pounds at 9 months old and he’s not quite done growing. This big beagle likes to sit in my lap while we are in the car which doesn’t really work for me because, 1. I like to feel my legs and 2. I must knit while in the car. Sorry puppy. We got him a new leash attachment that goes over his nose and turns him into a good dog, it’s amazing! And it really makes for a much more relaxed family outing.

While were were up in the mountains, we took the opportunity to take some amazing photos of the kids. I love my camera! I’ll probably be pestering you with photos of the kids over the next several days, they were all so good! But here’s a few to start.

Jim took this one.
mountain trip Labor Day '06

mountain trip Labor Day '06

Jim took this one.
mountain trip Labor Day '06

Eden took this one.
mountain trip Labor Day '06

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6 Responses to “mountains”

  1. Merededeux

    Wow! Eden took a beautiful picture of you and Jim. Her ponytails are so freaking cute! In the first shot, Honor has your smile. Looks like you guys had such a fun time.

  2. Dawn (aka glassprincess)

    Those are great pictures Allison. I think it’s wonderful that Eden likes to take photos. And Honor looks so grown up! Geesh. Time moves too quickly.

  3. Jill

    Awesome pics girl.

  4. kelli

    That makes two of us who took our dogs with us this weekend. Car rides with puppies are not fun. The pictures are great. I love the little red vest! The shot of Honor and the dog is great too. I love pictures taken outside.

  5. georgia

    those things that go over the nose are my favorite invention. i can’t walk my dog without it. they make seat belt attachments for dogs now. we just got one and i LOVE it.

    you guys are a very cute family!

  6. amy

    ahhhh, the amazing miraculous halti gentle leader. that thing is magic…it turns all dogs into very good dogs. unfortunately mine knows how to get his off in 4 seconds flat. =]

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