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Double taps

April 10th, 2016 — 5:20pm

Well, here’s a thing I know: I’ve been using social media to try to communicate and connect with the people around me.

It’s not working very well. 

Big life changes are getting brushed aside, lost in shuffle of Donald Trump articles and recipe videos. 

Or maybe no one cares? It’s hard to tell. 

What I’m feeling so acutely is that likes, emoji, double taps are all a counterfeit for real human connection. 

Nothing beats real words from a person to another person. And I think that’s what we all actually need. Connection. To feel like some really cares. To see a human make some effort to reach out to another human. 

Social media is my job and I like my job. But I don’t want it to infiltrate my life in the way that it is. It doesn’t feel very healthy. And it certainly doesn’t feel very authentic. It’s like watching a sunset on tv when you could just go outside and see the real thing. 

I don’t want to keep doing this, stuck in this artificial world we all experience through the screens on our phones. I want more. I want real. And I don’t want to keep feeling lost in the shuffle. 

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March 3rd, 2014 — 11:32pm

This is why Jesus talked about serving so much: serving is about what kind of center of gravity you have. Some people only think about themselves, and so their center of gravity is as big as they are. Their life, then, isn’t that interesting because it’s only as big as they are. But when you give and love and serve and commit to the well being of others, you are now connected to them and your center of gravity expands. You are filled with life and your heart is opened as your life becomes larger.

—Rob Bell from part 47 of his super interesting series on the Bible

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