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pics from the last week or two (or three or four)

November 29th, 2012 — 1:49pm

Dogs like pumpkin muffins too. #punkin
Dexter with his buddy, Memphis

Sweet Lisa @mooreminutes
flowers from Lisa. She’s so thoughtful.

I showed him a picture of a cow and he said "moo"
Gunnison being so cute

Boys and their toys #gianthelicopter
These boys nerding-out over their new helicopter.

Some weeks it feels like I live in this shirt.

A hound dog and a grasshopper
her legs are SO long

Slopeside lodge looking up.
Ceiling at the Slopeside Lodge at Powerderhorn Ski Resort. We got to stay a couple days up there while Seth filmed a promotional video for the lodge. It was really rough.


Bed head
woke up looking like this

There's a wienie dog under there. #19degrees
dexter snuggled in

Green & black

Something about the phone book makes it all the more real.

Baby Cal is already convinced that I'm his favorite.
Amy had baby #3!

Eden is the best babysitter
Eden is the best babysitter

Nothing like ending the of crafting with another craft project.

The clinic elves have been busy. #thistimesforty
late night making donation boxes for the clinic

Main Street is all twinkly.
Main Street all twinkly

So excited that we get to carry Light Gives Heat jewelry and bags at Tangle.
Excited to carry LGH at Tangle

Thanksgiving Eve Lego-a-thon @joshhudnall
Josh playing legos with the children

According to the children, this is a love couch. #newfurniture
new loveseat that matches my couch perfectly

Thanksgiving eve dinner with @carringtonschaeffer @hoptocopter @joshhudnall and the children
Bin makes the best Chai Lattes (along with everything else… my fav)

Honor learned to tie flies
Honor is learning to tie flies.

Screech owl just hangin out
This little guy was just hanging out on Main Street the other day.

Just hand painting a logo on some windows. #adayinthelife
I hand painted the windows for the church’s new coffee shop.

First coat done

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pics from the last week or two

October 31st, 2012 — 11:56am

Why knit with yarn when you can knit with roving?

Knitting with roving
Knitting with roving

White beech mushrooms
White Beech Mushrooms

14 quarts if salsa #done
14 quarts of salsa canned!

Wearing my special ring didn't help

Long hair!
longest my hair has ever been

New yarn --> baby sweater
little sweater for a sample at Tangle

Look who says "al"
look who says “al” now

Out to lunch with two fifth grade girls and they are playing mash. #ohman
Eden and her BFF playing mash while we were out to lunch after church

I order fried zucchini and then peel off all the breading. #silly
I peel the breading off my fried zucchini

Ombré dishes #nofilter #fiestaware<3

There is glitter all over my entire house!
glitter pumpkins!

White and glittery

Glittery white, aqua and gold. #love

Green and yellow and red and blue
tree in front of my house

The al/kel badminton tourney score is 3-3 #soclassy
Rickelle and I had to get the most ghetto drinks for our badminton tournament. Current tournament score is me 4, Kel 3.

Grammy helped the kids with a pumpkin carving preview
The kids carved pumpkins with my mom before our pumpkin carving party.

32 patients and we turned away at least 10. Great clinic today!
For the first time we had to turn patients away at the clinic.

H bomb


This is happening #fallisthebestseason
carmel and pecans

This is what happens when you're involved in planning 5 parties in one weekend.... #cantstop
helped plan 5 parties in 4 days and this was the list for one of the days

Giant hamster  balls

Giant hamster balls
I need giant hamster balls in my backyard as a parenting technique

no bangs

Dane and I wearing each other's hand knit sweaters.
my friend Dane and I switched hand-knit sweaters

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pics from the last week or two

September 29th, 2012 — 2:37pm

There's been lots of orange and blue on my needles lately
My set of Bronco’s hats. It’s been fun knitting these during games and I’m excited to be selling the pattern on Tangle’s website.

Shiny #goth
My new shiny pants

Getting ready for tomorrow's clinic!!
Getting ready to run the clinic.

This place I live....#luckygirl

In the rain

Cold shivers #nofilter

I live just 10 minutes from the Colorado National Monument. It was beautiful in the rain.

The 9 year old


Honor turned 9.

Dexter's birthday is the day before Honor's. Honor especially loves this fact.
And Dexter turned 3.

This happened tonight #gchord #thankskev
And I learned how to play a G chord.

Watching broncos with Gunni
We watched the Bronco’s game in the garage.


And it was super fun.

Apple store
Brian and I ran over to Denver to grab some stuff at Ikea and the Apple store for the church.


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pics from the last week or two (or three or four)

September 1st, 2012 — 9:28am

Ahhh Finns grill, so glad you're on main street
Our local fish taco restaurant moved to Main Street and I’m SO happy about it.

What you find there #promise
Mumford lyrics that I’ve clinged to over the past few years.

My backyard on a cloudy morning is the perfect place to spend time connecting to my heart
The backyard on a cloudy morning

Night time badminton
We’ve started having epic night-time badminton tournaments. Whenever Carrie is in town, she whips all of us.

Giant family hand and foot game
When we were in Wyoming visiting my Grandma, we had an huge family game of Hand and Foot.

Me and my hipster cousin
Me and my hipster cousin

A rare moment when the living room isn't covered with Legos.
living room

Third and fifth graders off to school! #lastyearofelementary
The kids started school. Eden is in 5th and Honor is in 3rd. Last year of taking them both to elementary school. crazy.

Good morning from the world's most stubborn wiener dog #dextinitheweenie

Crazy red sun filtered through so much smoke
The smoke from that Montana fire made for some crazy, pink sunsets.

I foresee many a night spent on this porch
My friend Dane bought a house. We will spend a lot of time sitting on this porch I think.

This kid just keeps losing teeth
Three teeth in the last few weeks.

Knitting somethin a little broncos-y
Workin on a set of patterns for Broncos hats.

Dog meets rat
Dexter loves Eden’s pet rat.

Dog meets rat

Promo first aid kit for the clinic
Coming up with some fun promo items for the clinic.

Everyone wants hot dog flavored potato chips
only at Walmart

Peach cobbler
Peach cobbler is one of the best things about summer

Long haired boy
Apparently he’s growing out his hair.

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pics from the last week or two (or three)

August 6th, 2012 — 11:49am

Up early to judge the Mesa county fair heritage arts

Love seeing these crazy rain clouds @ Mesa county fair
A stormy morning at the Mesa County Fair. I got to judge the “heritage arts” for the 4h kids. It was so fun and makes me feel proud to see a younger generation knitting and quilting.

Baby's first Olathe sweet corn
Gunnison eating his first Olathe Sweet Corn.

The perfect time to return a bunch of emails is in the carwash
Sometimes I get so busy that I drive through the car wash so I can return a few emails.

Sewing a zigzag quilt today
Workin on a giant zig zag quilt at Tangle.

I'm pretty sure they didn't think thru the name of this ice cream bar
um, really, this is the name of these new ice cream bars?

GJ Rockies game!

On Gunni duty
I was on Gunni duty. This kid just cracks me up!

Asking myself why we don't carry every single kind of yarn in broncos colors?
Searching for the perfect Bronco’s color yarn.

Hazelnut ice cream sandwiches #culinarygenius #superhumbletoo
homemade icecream sandwiches rolled in chopped hazelnuts

Workin on a little project

Little project
Got to work on my handwriting a little bit for a project for a video shoot. fun fun.

Rainbow over the Denver plains
Dropped my friend Megan off at the airport in Denver and I got this quick shot from the car of the rainbow over the plains of Denver.

Sending her to Africa
So proud of Meg for moving to Africa for seven months to work for Light Gives Heat.

Got to see the twinzies real quick while I was in Denver. Can’t believe how big they’ve gotten.

Today we celebrate redemption #sogood #sofaithful
Gunnison was dedicated at church last week. Such a special time for Rickelle and Caleb. I’m so thankful to get to be in their lives and to get to know Gunnison.

Rainbow #tangle
Tangle celebrated our 6th birthday and had our big sale last Saturday. So proud to have run a successful business for SIX years! Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been so long!

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pics from the last week or two

July 7th, 2012 — 11:11am

Thai iced tea
Thai iced tea w/ the kids in the background.

My kind of fortune.

Pixie sticks!
I searched the town high and low to find giant pixie sticks. They make perfect straws for Beergaritas!!

Sometimes you know your friends love you when they let you drink out of their very special Thor cup.

No comment.

Lincoln park
Lincoln Park at Magic Hour

Gotta learn somehow
Sometimes you have to google things…

Lake day
Lake Day! Photo courtesy Lisa.

Kitty tail
Rickelle’s cat walked by a candle and caught his tail on fire. Luckily it just singed his hair and he didn’t get hurt.

Colorad wild fire!

Toth ranch
Toth Ranch. I spent 4 days with the girls up here at a retreat and it was SO, SO AMAZING. Exactly what we all needed and more.

Baby bird
Carrie saved this baby bird from the cat and was nursing it back to health. Then the cat got it anyway and everyone was mad.

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pics from the last week or two

June 22nd, 2012 — 4:35pm

Carries birthday scones
Scones the kids and I made Carrie for her birthday

Article about the clinic
Article in the local paper about the Good Samaritan Clinic finding a new home

Teepee that Amy made for Jane!
My friend Amy made this amazing teepee for her daughter’s birthday out of fabric we sell at Tangle.

Honors room, clean
Gasp, Honor’s room, clean!

Coming soon to main street
excited for this to come to Main Street

Carries birthday present
Carrie trying out her new birthday present.

Fruit snacks
Fruit Snacks must be enjoyed in Rainbow-color-order.


Basically all the pictures of me are ones I take of myself.

Green chile wraps
At our local Farmers Market on Main Street you can get these amazing roasted green chile wraps… oh, so good.

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pics from the last week or two

May 28th, 2012 — 8:49am

Breakfast tacos
Breakfast Tacos

Riding the bus
I rode the bus with my friend Brian the other day to see what it was like. In the 12 years that we’ve had public transportation, I’ve never tried it. Because many of our patients at the clinic will be riding the bus, we wanted to see what the trip to our clinic would be like for them on the bus. It took us 1.5hrs to ride what took 12min in a car.

Bus transfer tickets
Bus transfer tickets

Gunnison at tangle
Gunnison hanging out at Tangle

Amazing soda
This soda is amazing. 60 calories, 3 ingredients. yum.

Quilt in progress
Giant zig zag quilt I’m working on

Grilled artichokes
Grilled artichokes with queso fresco (one of the only cheeses I can eat sans migraine.) Quarter and boil the artichokes until tender. Drizzle with olive oil, top with cheese. Grill til the artichokes are a little crispy on the outside and the cheese is melted.

Watching the eclipse on my neighbors roof.

Carne asada
It’s Carne Asada season… mmm….


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pics from the last week or two

May 8th, 2012 — 12:38pm

Sweater for janae
baby sweater that I knit for my friend and trainer, Janae.

Honor's robot
Honor’s lego robot

another pic of Gertrude

giant batch of granola

last month’s pattern of the month for Tangle

being silly with Honor

Science fair
science fair

Science fair
science fair

Light evening reading
some light evening reading

Baby peaches
baby peaches on my tree in need of thinning

Running a 5k
Eden and her buddies about to run a 5k

Wood pile
Carrie and I turned a terrible horrible pile of scrap wood into this. I ran the skill saw and she stacked. What a team we make.

Pretty happy flowers
new flowers cheering up the backyard

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pics from the last week or two

April 13th, 2012 — 11:46am

Carrie as a hipster
Carrie, wearing my glasses, pretending to be a hipster.

Gunnison scooting backwards

Oh Siri
I asked Siri to remind me to go get Honor…

My first cell phone
This was my very first cell phone. My mom has it at her house for the kids to play with.

Where we live
Just, you know, hiking on a Tuesday night. What a place we live in…

Senator Udall
I got a cool letter from our Senator about the helmet liner project we do at Tangle. We’ve sent out almost 800 so far.

Experimenting with roasting Peeps. I burned myself pretty badly on the melted sugar, but roasted Peeps are amazing. The sugar coating gets all crispy and delicious.

Eden in the hospital
Eden in the hospital waiting to get staples in her head. She and Honor got in a fight involving Honor getting kicked in the eye and Eden getting a metal water bottle thrown at her head. The wound was really, really gushy so Carrie drove us to the ER while I applied pressure to Eden’s head. 3 hours later, she got two staples and we got to go home.

Cadbury eggs in cupcakes
I had the brilliant idea of baking Cadbury Eggs into cupcakes. I froze them solid before dropping them into the batter, but they still melted too much. Maybe next year I’ll just hollow out the middle of an already baked cupcake and drop one in.

Black widow
Yesterday we found this ginormous Black Widow spider hanging out in the back yard.

Black widow

Fly fishing!!
Me at my second Fly Fishing lesson. I now know how to cast and roll cast!

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